Original Text Constitution and Amendments

This is the top page of the section where I’ve posted the original text versions of the Constitution and its Amendments.  These documents were copied from the National Archives.  All text was left alone, other than to format the characters and spacing to make it more readable.  Not a single character was added, replaced, or deleted.

An annotated version is coming very soon, albeit a little at a time.  I will copy a small section, add notes, and publish the work as I complete each section.  As with the original text versions, I intend to publish it on three pages: one for the original Constitution, one for the first ten amendments (the Bill of Rights), and one for the last seventeen amendments.  If you are returning to any of these pages, depending on your browser settings, you may have to reload a page and/or clear your browser’s cache to make sure you are viewing the most recent version of any given page.

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