Big Banks Say They Have a Right to Your Money

I found this in my inbox this morning:


It came from DemandProgress.Org (DPO, here). I do not personally support DPO — nor do I always agree with their idea of progress. It’s just one of many watchdog groups. The nice thing about watchdog groups is that they’re pretty good at sniffing out foul activities, leading us to do further investigation. (While they sometimes do a good job of investigating, too, more often than not, their investigation ends when they can make a supporting case for their own causes. Buyer, beware.) It seems that this time, while our watchdog has, indeed, found a problem, they are leading us in the wrong direction to solve the problem. A better example of “barking up the wrong tree” may be hard to find.

In this case, they have brought to our attention that a representative of a Big Banks Organization is threatening to sue us (that’s you and me, in the end) for not getting a bunch of taxpayer money they had their hearts set on. I applaud DPO for bringing this to our attention. Their idea, however, to ask the Federal Reserve System (the FED) to intervene on our behalves is just plain silly. That’s like going to the hen house – which is being guarded by a fox – and asking the fox to please, pretty please, be extra careful to not let anything happen to those dear hens until nightfall. Now, that fox might (or might not) appease you and fast until nightfall – but a body has needs and taste buds have desires. By nightfall or shortly thereafter, at least one and (if our request has caused the fox great hunger) maybe TWO hens will come to a brutal end.

Once again, the Big Banks (who really ARE the FED) show that the depth of their audacity is without limit. Since 1913, they have grown by leaps and bounds. They have a Herculean grip on our economy and our destiny – as individuals and as a nation – treating the money they steal from us via the machinations of the Federal Reserve System as their birthright. But it’s not enough for them to have insinuated themselves into our wallets, present in every transaction, taking a slice of every payment and every paycheck via the inflation that they create. No, that’s not enough. Congress repealed a $7 billion taxpayer gift to these greedy – and certainly not needy – banks. Now, they have the unmitigated gall to claim a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to that money?

Big banks, via the FED, have attached themselves to us as leeches would.  They have steadily sucked the life-blood from our labors and investments, devaluing them via inflation while making themselves ever more vigorous and difficult to remove.  Only Congress, with the approval of the President, can end this system via legislation.  Towards that end, demand answers from all candidates on where they stand with regard to the FED.  We should demand complete, unfettered access to the FED’s books in a complete audit.  Criminal activity, if it exists, should be prosecuted.  Unscrupulous activity should result in a demand of restitution to the Citizens of the United States as a condition of continued operations.  Glass-Steagall provisions separating banks from Wall Street should be reinstated.  Finally, the Federal Reserve System needs to be dismantled and abolished.  Until that happens, we will never be free of the parasites of Big Banks and Wall Street.

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